Some poker techniques will astonish you with their simplicity. This is sample. Jot down your results, every single time you wager.

Cult of hold’em Psalm #three:

Thou must record your wins and thy loses; for it’s the sum of all a persons accomplishments which create his/her basis.

How accurate is your decision. I tend to consider that hourly specifics and that kind of personal detail is wasted. Simply work out how much in front you are and what amount (if anything) you have withdrawn. Of course, if you don’t win, note that too, no matter how much it it might pain you.

Do not neglect to write down what style of game you’re gambling on, if that is imperative to you. (In my expertise, most gamblers stick to what they know and do not experiment. If all you write down is up, down and withdrawals, you are way in front of a majority of gamblers out there!)

Give yourself achievable goals, such as a ‘dream’ goal (new vehicle, holiday or whatever). When you withdraw, add the dollars taken out to your dream tally. The more prosperous you are, the nearer that dream will be!

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